The poor are not good people at all.

When I was at the student house at the faculty, I would be angry if my roommate delayed the payment of rent, dues and bills. I told my father one day, I told him, "Did you see absence, what do you know, lack of money," he said to me. He wasn't a poor friend, but I still learned my lesson.

Now i am thinking the same thing. I wonder if those who rant here have seen poverty..

All the bad things written are the results of being poor again. If they had been wealthy a few generations ago, they would have been well-equipped with a good education and worldview. The man said they are not improving themselves. self-development first begins after getting rid of the worries of feeding yourself and your children. The priority of a man who has trouble making a living cannot be to follow the agenda, to have an internet connection at home, or to be a daily newspaper subscriber. They may need savings on issues that you would never expect. He comes to mind and condemns the poor here, my pasha. Have you done a great help to a poor here?

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