Unreasonable self-confidence in doctors

mental retardation detected. flirty represant, they earn 6-7k. how do you caricature it so much in your head? If we start with the money issue, you say that if we make a lot of money, doctors are also big money, if we make less money, you say, "Who are these doctors, they are men with 5 thousand liras". I don't understand what you want from our earnings, but we will not go hungry whether you want it or not. Also, all of them presented drugs several times in a year, all of them men, and the only thing they gave was a light source and a pen. And there is also the source of your self-confidence, and it does not come from money, stamps, or office. Today, I brought back to life a 16-year-old boy whose heart stopped. I saved the girl whose heart didn't beat when she came. Here is the source of my self-confidence. I save human life, I relieve people's pain and suffering, I dedicate my life to other people's lives, and I see this in return both materially and spiritually. My patients say to me that I will be your victim to a man they have never met, God bless them. this is enough for me. You do not understand, but we doctors are the lucky chosen people of this world. do not worry. If you're making a complex in front of us, that's your problem.

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