From the barber's door, a man yells out.

-Do you have a lot of work on your plate?

- one beard and two hairs
The man thanks you and walks away. It isn't going to return. The barber is intrigued but unconcerned.
A voice can be heard from the door again a few days later.

-Do you have a lot of work on your plate?

He responds with a hair and a beard. He thanks him and walks away. I'm not planning on returning. The barber feels a little embarrassed about the circumstance at first, but soon forgets about it. He hears the same sound from the door 15 days later.

-Do you have a lot of work on your plate?

The voice was recognized by the barber.

-This time, he says, there's only one hair left. The man expresses his gratitude and departs. The barber could no longer take it, and his apprentice,

-Run after this dude, and let's see where we end up.

He dispatches a team to track out the individual. When the apprentice has been working for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes, he eventually goes through the door out of breath. The lord is furious, you jerk; I commanded you to follow the man, but you went and did not return. He asks his apprentice, "Tell me, where were you?"

The apprentice responds to the question.

-I was following the master man; first he turned left, then he went into the coffee shop immediately next to it, and we went up. After that, he went past the grocery shop and into a dead-end street.


Apprentice: The master then entered your home.

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