Picasso didn't live in the 1500s

This leads me to believe it's a memory and template-related procedure. It fills in the blanks in our memories when we don't have comprehensive knowledge; nevertheless, it does so with broad opinions and superficial information. The idea that painters lived at that period, for example, appears to be bonded to all painters, as if they were all designed to fit into the existing template, the present scheme.

Picasso, on the other hand, is a photographer who enjoys taking pictures and even strives to document every phase of his life by posing crazily. The data does not match what the title owner claims; Picasso does not appear to be a painter from that era. Because it has a large number of photographs.

However, the memory is skewed, and it fails to fill in the blanks with templates. When you come across true information, it makes your skull ache.

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